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About Envesta



Understanding that having strong legal services is the basis for a solid company, Envesta was born from the need to have transparent and easy-to-understand legal support for companies with limited knowledge of Latin American markets and also those that lack an adequate legal department. We started in 2010 to work with clients looking for business development through the legal structuring of businesses; now we have become a unique and integral place for companies that seek to consolidate their business while working with an exclusive outsourcing solution.

We specialize in the different areas of business law practice and we are committed to our clients always looking for a comprehensive and efficient advice. We have a remarkable and recognized experience in the main areas of private and public law in the national and international scope. We have a wide diversity of clients, including domestic and international investors.


Our vision is to become a strategic consulting partner for foreign companies in the various branches of business, aiming to enter Latin American markets. Since our team is multilingual and experienced in cross-cultural management, we understand that it is essential for foreigners who are accustomed to different types of business cultures to feel safe and have the clarity that as they develop their business in these somewhat culturally complicated markets, there is a partner who understands both their way of thinking and the way Latin cultures behave.



We have built a network of professional services with the ability to support different business needs, parting from the basic configuration of the company, through legal advice, accounting, risk assessment and fundraising. We seek to offer this type of services always maintaining our legal experience as a base.

Additionally, we create added value to support our clients in the acquisition of resources or the identification of strategic partners to support the development of projects, growth and business expansion. We seek the most efficient way to provide real support in the process of implementing the plans of each client in order to generate efficiency in the proposed solutions.



We are specialists in various sectors, where our wide range of clients operate. Having the experience of working in different industries has made us a dynamic company with the ability to easily adapt to the needs and preferences of our customers.

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