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Process Support

We provide support in the migration process of executives and employees of our clients when they transfer foreigners from their countries of origin to Colombia. 


Document Revision

Revision of documents for the preparation of migration applications of different visas and permits granted in Colombia. 

Selection of the adequate type of visa depending on the characteristics of the activities that will be developed by the foreign citizen.

Colombian visa request before the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Relations' Visas and Immigration Internal Work Group.

Support in obtaining the Foreign Citizen ID in the cases of visas that require its request before the Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia.


Advice and support for Companies and Individuals regarding any requirement to verify compliance of the migration regulation carried out by Colombia's Migration Adminsitrative Unit.

Support in the validation process of foreign granted professional degrees before the National Ministry of Education.

Obtaining permits granted by Professional Councils that are in charge of the control and inspection of the different regulated professions in the country.

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